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The medical program provides the framework for your good health and well-being. Below is a brief summary of the High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) being offered through UnitedHealthcare  Choice Plus Network. A Choice Plus network is a network of providers contracted with UnitedHealthcare to provide healthcare services at negotiated rates for our firestarters and their covered family members. Although you may use the services of an out-of-network provider; you will receive the highest level of benefits and pay at a lower cost when you choose an in-network provider.

Medical Plan Summary

Benefit Highlights



Annual Deductible

Individual / Family





Out-of-Pocket Maximum

Individual / Family

Coinsurance (plan will pay)







Physician Office Visits

Primary Care Physician


CYD + Coins. *


CYD + Coins. *

Specialist CYD + Coins. * CYD + Coins. *
Virtual Visits CYD + Coins. * CYD + Coins. *
Preventive Care 100%, no CYD CYD + Coins. *
Inpatient Care CYD + Coins. * CYD + Coins. *
Outpatient Care CYD + Coins. * CYD + Coins. *
Routine X-Ray & Lab CYD + Coins. * CYD + Coins. *
Emergency Room CYD + Coins. * CYD + Coins. *
Urgent Care CYD + Coins. * CYD + Coins. *


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